Sometimes You Just Gotta Jump Off A Bridge in Iceland

These photos were taken by my lovely sister-in-law during the second of three jumps from this bridge! Beautiful weather that day in early August.


Carpe diem. Memento mori. 


I’m having weird struggles with wanting the sterile, suburban, isolated, expensive life I thought I chose to escape when I graduated high school. I’m also trying to fit a life into three bags to move to South Korea on Thursday. I needed to look at these photos this week in order to steel my nerve and remind myself that I am able to do extraordinary things.

My dream is not to live in the perpetual zombie apocalypse that suburban Colorado feels like at times (Where is everyone????????). I’ve chosen a different life and I have to keep choosing it.

They say that some of the happiest people on Earth spend time every day contemplating their own death.  I try to live for my eulogy and not for my resume. I know, I know…it’s a TED-talk infused hackneyed soundbite-y thingy. I still use it as a mantra. My Travel Mantras have morphed into life mantras at this point. There is no honour in putting off what you want to do today for the fickle promise of Tomorrow.

I’m not ready to give up this broad and beautiful life, that I chose when I was so young.

On to the next adventure!

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