Tiny-Ass Kitchen

You may have heard of Tiny Ass Apartment, a blog about living in small spaces. I do love her tips and I use them all the time. The Washi Tape thing will be added to my own place tonight.

But I’m here to show you just how tiny my apartment in Korea actually is.


Boom! Oh yeah, the computer is totally on the fridge. We an fit exactly one person without verging into newlywed territory inappropriate for blogging. It’s about 12 foot square, my kitchen. In other words, almost too small to fit two six-footers. In other other words, it’s smaller in square feet than our bed.

But it’s ours! And I am already learning about living in tiny spaces, something that I dream about on and off of Pinterest. Tiny House Training, 101. Right here, right now. Busan is a great place to learn the ropes.

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