Here Today gone tomorrow 

There was a beautiful house at the end of our road. Here it is a week ago. Peeking out on the left. 

It had a white staircase that seemed to float in mid air and a outdoor deck on all levels. It was charming and cultured and uniquely Korean. 

They knocked it down. 

Probably it will become a horrible cube of gray like the building we now live in. If you look at our street on Google maps, this plot was a fine Korean-style moulded house, too. It was a carbon copy of the one next door.

It makes me inexplicably blue to see a house I never really knew become a clean dirt patch. I can see it out the window from my classes. I didn’t even have time to take a good picture of it, so you all reading this will never be able to see it. No one will remember it was even there!

They left the handmade threshold. will take a picture of the new and sterile living cube when it arises. 

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