I Voted! Or, Six Days Before the Election

Check out how stoked I felt to vote in the Presidential election in 2016, which has dragged on since before we left London (ferchissakes)….


I’m not going to disclose who I voted for or why. Suffice to say that the unflattering photo above shows all my frustrated disgust, tinged with burnout and a hint of apathy, that the 2016 Election inspires in me. I know I’m not alone.

It’s been a grind. I consider myself a well-informed voter. I follow no less than six politics podcasts (538, More Perfect, Political Junkie, NPR Politics, RFI’s Geopolitique Debate, Radio Popolare, and a smattering of others) religiously. I read the news first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I teach debate. I travel. I talk to Icelandic people incessantly about US politics. I have a husband whose two degrees are in Politics and International Relations.

Ok, maybe I’m a better-than-averagely qualified voter.

I still feel confused or like I’m living in an alternate universe when I see ‘Trump’ on the ballot. I’m so very ready for all this to be over already.


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