Top Trumps: Christmas Week

It’s a time of celebration and I don’t feel like dwelling on the president-elect’s idiocies, but there was a massive one this week.

Nuclear annihilation for the holidays, anyone? I went and bought a Kindle book about nukes as a result of this bullshit. I now know more about these terrible and never-should-be-used weapons.

Just to remind you, this is what the largest payload nuclear weapon ever detonated (not the largest ever made) looked like.

God, I wish I could drink a Tsar Bomba from Gravity Brewing right now.

Fuck Trump.

This is a weekly post for the foreseeable future in which I summarise what new hells Trump has visited upon us all in a convenient bulleted list. I follow this with the video of me burning him in effigy on Gwangalli Beach the weekend before the election in 2016.

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2016, Bigger Than You Or Me

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