One Last 2016 Hike: Geumnyeongsan to Gwangalli Beach

It was a great day here in Busan. Warm, calm winds, and clear skies like we used to dream of in Shanghai. We got up early with the intention of going on a hike with a group, but after we realised they were climbing the highest mountain in Busan and intending to do it in a mere three hours, we chose to go our own way.

Best photo I’ve ever taken with a phone, right here. 
Best photo I’ve ever taken with a phone, right here.

We’ve climbed a fair few mountains in Busan, including Jangsan this week (with the added excitement of land mines!). This hike started at Yangjeong Station and just went straight up the closest mountain.

20161231_125557_hdr.jpg20161231_122041.jpg20161231_125715.jpgWe walked through a neighbourhood of alleyways that would have seemed sketchy in most other countries, but in Korea is perfectly safe. Past a giant solar array and then up the ‘ajeossi route’ (read: kick your arse route) to the ridge above Gwangalli Beach.

It was a bright and beautiful day, and not too long of a hike. It’s a great route if you don’t want to spend 4-6 hours walking up a steep hill. Once on the ridge, it’s mostly downhill. I’m slow at going uphill and not exactly a professional athlete, but we made it from the station to the sea at Gwangalli Beach in just under three hours.


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