Step Into My Classroom: Raw Audio

Welcome to a kindergarten class here in Korea

This is our morning routine, with asking how we are feeling today and circle time. These are not real names and there is no identification beyond being somewhere in Busan at an English-language. Featured are my coughing fits, a game with animal noises, and whirlwinds of emotions.

You’ll hear some of my catchphrases, like “If you sit nicely, you feel good!” and “Look at teacher!”

These students are all five.

Have fun!

One thought on “Step Into My Classroom: Raw Audio

  1. Colleen, there are some wonderful moments in here! You are a very good teacher, patient, and organized. The kids speak a lot more English that I thought the would. I love :” I am a whirlwind of emotions.” and the animals game. Just gathering raw audio clips of things in your life could be a good start, as you are so busy right now, and you could write stories around them when you have time. I looked up some stories and links to popular travel podcasts that might interest you. It’s good to listen to a bunch and figure out which ones you most like, get a feeling for length, pacing, style. You totally could do a popular podcast, based on all your writings about your travels, but you need audio to go with the story, if your podcast is reality based. On the other hand, you would be great with writing a narrative podcast and can use whatever sounds or licence free music you like. Look up Joe Frank, the father of contemporary audio art:
    I am thinking a lot about podcasts myself, and am enjoying researching this. Check these out:

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