Goodbye, Fair Palate! Two Complex Braided Hairstyles, too

I’ve been wading in the thick of teaching far too many hours lately, and haven’t had the time to wear much makeup or do my hair nicely. I recently put on my old Stila eyeshadow, hoping for some old spark. I loved this thing. fotor3

It had been colonised by mould in the humidity of our tiny bathroom. My eyes were red and irritated for two days.

My favourite palate is now in the trash, along with most of my other makeup. Some things I purchased about two weeks ago, so I kept them.

Oh well. I am getting better at multi-braid hairstyles. The two I wore for the last couple days involved four and six regular braids, respectively.


Here’s a demonstration of how easy the four-braid bun is. With two large “DNA” hair pins for structural integrity, it’s just a twist and pin style.

It holds up to 12-14 hours of wear, crimps my hair for the next day, and doesn’t disintegrate under the pressures of small children. fotor

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2017, DIY Style

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  1. Beautiful photos of the braids!

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