Beer School 2017 – Busan

Hello, all! 

Your host, in her happy place

If you’re here, hopefully you saw me give a short talk about beer and women today. Thanks for attending, and thanks to the organisers for One Billion Rising in Busan for hosting.


On this page, you will find more information about what a Beer School meetup is like and links to my previous work with craft beer. When you decide, “Hell yeah, I want to learn more about beer!” you can sign up using the Google Docs form below.beer5

Host: Coleen Monroe-Knight, all-but-exam for Cicerone Program (2014)

What is a “Beer School?”

This is a beginner’s guide to tasting, making, and enjoying beer. I focus on craft beer, with a sampling of 4-6 styles that range from very normal to experimental. I’ll also cover the basics of brewing, some history, and beer ingredients.

How long does it take?

It depends on the group as it’s very informal. I’d budget 1-3 hours.

When will it be?

It’s up to those who want to come. There are three Saturdays in April to choose from (the 1st, the 8th, and the 15th, respectively).

How much does it cost?

This is not a money-making thing. I’d request 5,000 KRW per person to cover the cost of bottles. If we end up at a brewery after the tasting session, you’d want to bring a little extra cash for a couple full beers.

Will I get drunk?

Not from the tasters. If you want to drink till you fall over, Korea has many other ways to achieve your goal.

Where can I check that you actually know about beer?

Please see my ‘Beer in Situ’ travel series here, and look up Brewdog Camden (my former place of work and where I earned all my craft beer training).

How do I sign up?

Click the link below and fill in your information. You can also contact me directly.

Gorilla Brewing

I look forward to hearing from you.


You can also contact me directly if you need more information:

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