Beer School Busan: Finally Some Photos

Thanks for patience, guys. It’s been an insane month of moving, travelling, and nomad-ing. I wanted to finally post a little reaction to the Beer School Busan event (April 1), and let readers know that I am available to lead events like this in the Boulder, CO area until June!

Beer School Busan was an introductory beer course that I led for Gorilla Brewing’s grand re-opening. They have an amazing new space (Beer Yoga, anyone? It’s every weekend now!) and I got to be part of the opening party. The guys who work there are just amazing, and they even got a banner with my name on it.

I would love to meet up and maybe do another Beer School with Gorilla, whenever I end up in Korea again. Thanks so much to everyone who came. It was a special day in 2017.

If you look at those photos and think, “Hey, my business/start-up/brewery/church Bible study/bachelorette party could really use some expert beer knowledge,” contact me! I’d be happy to run a tailored Beer School for you and yours, and I don’t charge much.

I’m in the Boulder, CO area until June. Contact me to set up a Beer School today!

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