The Long Haul: Selfie-ing Across the World

This week I travelled back to the land of my birth from one of the farthest places from it I’ve been. The long haul series of flights from Hanoi, Vietnam to Denver, Colorado took 31 hours from when we got into a taxi to the airport until arriving to my parents’ house in Louisville.

Three flights.

Several beers.

Four movies.

Approximately 1 Billion Podcasts.

One shower.

I decided that it would be interesting, given the extreme nature of the journey, to take selfies as I went. I don’t normally take selfies, but I was travelling alone (my husband had to return the opposite direction around the Earth to the UK).

Here’s a gallery of them all; descriptions follow below.


20:00ish, Hanoi Noi Bai International Airport


Russ is already through security, and I’m just waiting around charging my phone and eating the last Pho of the trip.

23:15, Hanoi Noi Bai International Airport


Yep, still in the airport. Paid $4 for a can of Tiger beer, which would cost 1/8 the price back in town. Sad to be leaving Vietnam.

6:30, Over Narita International Airport, Japan


Red eye doesn’t begin to explain the tiredness of this flight. I slept about 1 hour.

8:00, Narita International Airport (Tokyo, Japan)


I paid $9 for a shower in the airport. It was the most brilliant thing. Otherwise it would’ve been nearly two days of hard travel without, and the shower room was immaculate. It was something I would definitely recommend to travellers on a long haul. made it possible to feel like it was a new day after not sleeping on the first red eye.

10:50, Narita International Airport


No, really. I’m super excited for the second, longer red-eye.

No earthly idea what time, Somewhere near the International Date Line


Flagging hardcore. Trying to pass the time with Star Wars. Nodding off but not able to actually stay asleep.

9:00, Dallas Forth Worth International Airport


Finally off that plane and in the USA once more!

9:30, Through Customs and On the little train to the A concourse


OMG that guy is discussing whether he should have put his stun grenade into his checked luggage or not!

10:00, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport


No shower this time, but I changed clothes and put on some makeup. Ready for the last flight!

11:30, Over Colorado on Approach to DIA


“Folks, it’s going to be a rough ride on the way into Denver today. Please make sure you are strapped in.”

12:15ish, Denver International Airport


Made it! First picture in Colorado.

14:00, My Parents’ Kitchen


Looking okay for having been up 36 hours!

How about you? What’s the longest travel you’ve pulled in a single day? How do you cope with long-haul flights?



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