Beer in Situ Special: Beer Fight Club May 2017

The Pertinents


The Main Event

We had won free tickets to the event, which featured some of my favourite Colorado breweries including Gravity and Avery. It was an interesting concept, and they guys who runt he show were quite nice.

We tried eight different beers, and voted for our favourites by yelling. They couldn’t access the electronic voting system set up for the competition, which was a shame because it made it feel wonky and not particularly fair to all the breweries.

The best beer of the day was the clean, west-coast IPA. I’m just not a fan of Hazy IPAs, and there were two of them. One brewery ‘accidentally’ brought a barrel-aged quadrupel, which was delicious and served in half-pints for some reason. After one of those I have to say that I couldn’t taste much.

It was fun, but I’m glad that I didn’t pay the $45 to go.

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