Beer in Situ: Four Noses Brewing (Broomfield, CO)

The Pertinents

  • Four Noses Brewing
  • 4 Noses Brewing Company 8855 W. 116th Circle Suite 4 Broomfield, CO 80021
  • Founded in 2008

20170525_153806The Space

It’s a handmade brewpub dream inside. Rough-hewn timber lines the walls and ceiling, and there’s a lot of their signature original artwork on the walls. It’s bright and open, and it was absolutely packed on a Wednesday. Standing room only.

Outdoors there is a seating area with really cool metalwork and a firepit, and a daily rotation of food trucks for nibbles. This brewpub has only one problem. It’s in the middle of nowhere. One would almost certainly have to catch an Uber in order to actually spend a long time there, as the closest shelter is probably more than a mile away. It’s a very suburban Colorado-type place. Plan accordingly for a DD or a lift when you go.


The Beer

Bright, mostly clean, experimental, and mega-hoppy. Those four words basically describe the Four Noses beers. Since it’s far out and we needed to be able to drive, we couldn’t taste as much as we would have liked.

The Proboscis Galaxy Pale Ale is cloudy, hazy, and much more like those new-fangled New England IPAs coming out of Vermont and Maine than an APA. It was good, but I felt like I was drinking hop tea and not pale ale. It was pretty yeasty, so maybe I just got a bottom barrel pour by accident. The Ronald Ryegan ESB is smooth and inoffensive on Nitro, and very true to style. It’s a beautiful colour. We also had the Brownish Brown Ale, which was my favourite for the day.

I’ve had a few others from Four Noses and very much respect their choices when it comes to hop experimentation. I expect great things from them in future.

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