Beer in Situ: Vision Quest Brewing Company (Boulder, CO, USA)

The Pertinents

  • 2510 47th St, Suite A2, Boulder, CO 80301, United States
  • Founded in 2015


The Space

It’s every bit as trippy as you would expect, given the name of this brew venture. Hand-painted murals of dream (nightmare?) scenes, rocket ships for taps, and bright green hops glowing and floating from the ceiling. They also appear to have a Vietnam-like altar near the door, but I didn’t outright ask, “Hey, is that a spirit altar?” so I’m not sure it’s not just a table.


The space is right next door to Boulder Fermentation Supply, which has been a source for homebrewers in the area for ages. They got in on the taproom act and are a knowledgeable, friendly staff.

There is also trippy art for sale on the walls. I particularly liked the ones over the toilet.


The Beer

Overall, the beers are good. They seem to be working on the assumption that they should push the experimental envelope a lot. This means coconut IPAs, sunflower seed lagers (one of the best beers I’ve had this year), and bigggggggggg beers with high ABV. The beers are not all balanced and sometimes taste a little unhinged, but then it’s not like they are trying to replicate the already saturated Colorado craft beer market’s biggest hits. It’s basically great homebrew writ large(r).


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