Do It Yourself

I wrote this exactly six years ago, and it couldn’t be more relevant to my current situation. Depressingly familiar or cozily so, it seems that the life of travel I choose wasn’t always easy then and remains that way now.

Blast From the Past: Do It Yourself (2011)

Reverse Retrograde

I have a tendency to want to do things myself. Rather than relying on buying everything pre-made, I make my own feather hairclips and bread. Rather than hiring someone to decorate my (ever-changing) space, I scavenge what I can and set it up myself. Rather than listening to others, I usually take my own advice.

Lately, I found myself in a few extreme situations. I was backpacking through South America, after all. Cram the three of us into a mototaxi and zip across Ilave to the “bus station” (which was really just some randomly-designated corner on the dirt roads) with our backpacks held on by a string? Yes, please. Those adventures have given way to the unbelievable cleanliness and organization of Boulder. There are bookstores. There are several extremely modern hospitals. There is a lot of amazing food. Whole Foods has remodeled and somehow made itself even more paradise-like to…

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