Shots Around Hanoi: Old Quarter in December

Despite being one of my favourite neighbourhoods in Hanoi, the Old Quarter is a hard place to take photographs. It has infinite interesting things to see and constant, buzzing traffic of both daily Hanoian life and tourism bursting at the seams even in winter (People who thought Hanoi is tropical in the winter, do you even Internet?).

But I’m an introvert, and the main thing that the Old Quarter has is tons and tons of people. This is a difficult thing.

Lacking a telephoto lens, I set my camera to ‘Sports’ mode and shot from the hip. That way, I wouldn’t have to be awkward and take photos of people with the viewfinder. I held down the button and hoped.

This is what came out.

Pretty good, if you ask me!

This is part of a Shots Around Hanoi series. I also photographed Shanghai in 2015-2016 in a series called Shots Around Shanghai. You can see all my photography in the menu above, or right here

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