Why did George Orwell move to Burma?

Why just move to Italy?

ferrara window
First sunrise in my homestay in Ferrara, January 2009

Why suddenly decide to become a teacher in rural Patagonia?

Patagonia calls to me
2011, Campo outside Puerto Natales

Why Suwon?

Yeongtong, 2012

Why go around the planet the long way through India and England to your native Colorado?

Holi in Jaipur, 2013

Why London?

Leyton High Road, 2014

Why Shanghai?

Shanghai, 2016

Why move to a remote Scout Camp in Iceland?

Icelandic Highlands, 2016

Why move back to Korea, leave, go to Vietnam, then go to Iceland again?

Sajik-Dong, 2017

Why move to Hanoi?

Hanoi, 2017

I defer to Neruda.

“Me defundí, no hay duda,
me cambié de existencias,
cambié de piel, de lámpara, de odios,
tuve que hacerlo
no por ley ni capricho,
sino que por cadena,
me encadenó cada nueva camino,
le tomé gusto a tierra a toda tierra.” – Adioses

My translation:

I diffused myself, there is no doubt,

I changed myself in many existences,

I changed my skin, my lamp, my hatreds,

I had to do it

Not by law nor by caprice,

But by chain reaction

Each new road enchained me

I tasted the earth in each land.”

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