Building Work in Vietnam is…Different

I came home to this the other day.


That’s a full-blown bonfire on the floor of the place next door to us, which has been under construction for the entire time we’ve been here. They were burning the wood that they used for that floor.

Being from a wildfire-prone state in the USA, my sense of panic at the sight of open flames is probably overblown. But this was not to be the weirdest thing about the construction this week.


That’s the new balcony, right next to our room. There is a side that has no building at all near it, but no. They chose to put the balconies on the side with two feet between it and our building. There is now a balcony so close to our bedroom that we could high five our new neighbours when they arrive. Of course, it could be worse.


They are building the balcony on top of our upstairs neighbours’ balcony. On their floor. Blocking it completely from the sun and the open space that used to be there. I have to think that the architect planned this, because a colossal fuckup the order of 14 inches too close to a neighbouring building seems to be too big. But then, who knows?

Our balcony on the left
They’ve cooped my laundry space for their nylon construction fabric

For the full effect, you really need to see it in motion. Here’s a video.

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