Yesterday (and the day before, thanks International Date Line) we flew from Denver to Hanoi. Our flights took us:

  • Denver –> Dallas Forth Worth
  • DFW –> Narita Airport (Tokyo)
  • Narita –> Noi Bai International (Hanoi)

Because we flew to Dallas first, we had to backtrack over Colorado to get to Tokyo. This means that about six hours after leaving my parents’ house in Louisville, Colorado….

We flew directly overhead! I couldn’t get a photo of Louisville because it was literally right under the plane.

Here’s a view of DIA from the 787, just a couple hours after we flew out of there.


And here’s the I-25/Northwest Parkway interchange that we drove through at about 3:30 AM Mountain Time that morning.


Here’s Boulder Reservoir and Longmont in the distance. I could also see Greeley, where my brother lives. IMG_1859


Me at the Reservoir, three days earlier

And here’s Long’s Peak.


Here’s the view of Rocky Mountain National Park that I made the panorama of just a couple days ago. Impressive even from above!

The light brown patch in the upper right corner is where I took the panorama


It was super-cool to see that the planes flying over Boulder really are going all around the world in some cases. What a great finale to our Colorado holiday!

EDIT: Here are the photos that my Dad took of our plane, flying right over them! They were tracking us on FlightAware and saw that we were going right over them. EDIT EDIT: Actually, these were taken by my mom. The close one is through the sunroo on the car, as they drove down the highway.

Photo Feb 18 11 59 35 AMPhoto Feb 18 12 01 45 PM

4 thoughts on “Flyover

  1. Coleen,

    You might want to revise your post… we were tracking you on Flightaware, and took a screen shot of your flight as you went over Denver / Louisville. Then we looked up and could see your airplane right above us! You flew almost perfectly straight up US 36, and we were driving to Denver to meet my old roommate Tim Hiteshew for lunch!




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