Shots Around Hanoi: A Few Weeks

Got behind. Things have been rough lately. Yesterday I learned what thoughts go through my mind when I fall off my bike in rush hour traffic, for instance (“Well, I broke my ankle” was one, even though I didn’t. “Damn, a bus will probably hit me” was another, which also didn’t happen).

Here’s some of the great stuff we’ve seen in Hanoi this month. More coming soon.

I think this group of photos really captures how varied Hanoi really is. There is an endless variety of cityscapes here, and we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface after nearly seven months living here. Nothing better than getting some cheap bikes and riding around the West Lake.

I’m constantly amazed here. Then sweaty. Then utterly frustrated (with classes).

Getting better at lightroom work. Give me your critiques in the comments!

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