I’ve Started Talking To My Mint Plant

I’m having dreams about talking with people. About sitting in beer halls and talking about normal things. About meeting people for dinner. About speaking to people in English and in Italian and Spanish. I desperately try to find a seat, but there are so many people all together that it’s standing room only.

And I wake up every morning and say hello to my plants. I ask them how they slept and tell them that I will make sure to give them water in a few minutes. We have a snake plant we’ve had for almost a year and a new arrival, a peppermint bunch.

“Hold on just a minute,” I say. “I’ll be right back to talk more after I have a shower.”

It’s day 53 here for us.

This post is continued on the place it was actually supposed to be posted, but I have to post it here to get around a Facebook ban (undeserved and unresolved). CLICK THROUGH HERE PLEASE

One thought on “I’ve Started Talking To My Mint Plant

  1. Thank you Coleen. As usual your words are bringing light. I’m in my day 9 of confinement. But so many around are not getting the hint! I’m sharing your post around me so people can see what’s happening on the other side.

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