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I wrote a long time ago, in some other reality(It was March 2020), about how every day is unprecedented now. It’s still true, even though people have spent time and money to undo every last day of the global slowdown that we all have been enduring in 2020.

Today, for those who care, is day 137 of non-normal time in the world of coronavirus for us.

But it’s not actually all that unprecedented. Lately, I’ve been thinking of all the other times that I spent serious time indoors, away from others, doing little. It’s a pattern that tends to invade your life if you choose, as I do, to move internationally regularly. I didn’t have money, so I didn’t go out. I didn’t have a job and couldn’t apply for one if I was going to leave in less than two months. I was broke, tossed by one of the big economic shocks that my generation seems to always be finding around the next corner.

I’ve been thinking about the summer of my MA in London….

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