Beer In Situ


Reviewing the places great beer is produced, in Colorado and beyond. This is the place that travel and great beer collide. New articles every Tuesday (or thereabouts…..).

Colorado Breweries

  1. Fermaentra (Denver, CO, USA)
  2. Avery’s New Brewery, Grand Opening (Boulder, CO, USA)
  3. Boulder Beer (Boulder, CO, USA)
  4. Finkle and Garf (Gunbarrel, CO, USA)
  5. New Belgium (Fort Collins, CO, USA) 
  6. Nighthawk Brewing (Broomfield, CO, USA)
  7.  Cannonball Creek Brewing (Golden, CO, USA)
  8. 300 Suns Brewing (Longmont, CO, USA)
  9.  Gravity Brewing (Louisville, CO, USA)
  10. Big Beaver Brewing Company (Loveland, CO, USA)
  11.  Weldworks Brewing (Greeley, CO, USA)
  12. BRU Handbuilt Ales and Eats (Boulder, CO, USA)

Bonus: Colorado Six Pack 


  1. Shanghai Brewery (Shanghai, China) 
  2. Jackie’s Beer Nest (Shanghai, China)
  3. Double Feature: Daga Brewpub and Liquid Laundry (Shanghai, China)
  4. Kaiba Beer Pub (Shanghai, China)
  5. The BREW (Pudong, Shanghai, China)
  6. Double Feature: Great Leap Brewing and Drunk (Beijing, China) 
  7. Song Tasting Room (Shanghai, China)
  8.  Beer Lady Shanghai (Shanghai, China) 

Republic of Korea

  1. Owl and Pussycat, Gwangalli Beach (Busan, ROK)
  2. 고릴라 브루잉 – Gorilla Brewing Co. (Busan, ROK)
  3. Devil’s Door – Centum City (Busan, ROK)

USA Breweries/Brewpubs

  1. The Yard – Culinary Dropouts (Tempe, Arizona, USA)

Got a suggestion or a hot tip on a new brewery? Send it my way! And check out my Travel section, with TEFL, visas, and advice for living abroad. 

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