Why I don’t write much anymore

I used to write a lot here. I wrote most days, even when I worked full-time or was a full-time student and bartender. I found the moments to carve out and sit own in front of my computer, ready to share what was on my mind and make this “self-portrait in the form of the…

2017: Without Comment

Presented without comment: My favourite photographs from 2017. I’m working on a post about the year, but this is a good start. 2017 was packed with great stuff, and had opportunities for some of the best photographs I’ve ever taken. I’m ready to explore some more in 2018. For reference: January-April 12 = Busan and…

Coffee. Vietnam Coffee

It’s how I make myself human again in the mornings. I’m never going back now that pour-over is my jam.

Me No English

“Me no English,” states the girl with enough grammar to ape Tarzan. She does this in spite of speaking full sentences and writing them in her book. I’ve heard her say fluent and complete ones before. She and the others use this as a joke. “I’m not asking you to speak English,” I growl. “I’m…

Hanoi On a Clear Day

It was a great day to wander into places we’ve never been! We had a three-course meal for lunch (23USD total), then went to a fancy cafe on the lake, and finally went to a very fancy bar for happy hour! What a great day.