North Norfolkian Getaway

I’ll write more about it soon, but here are a few momentsĀ from a short bit of travel we did this weekend. We stayed in a brilliant cottage by the sea without electricity and stuffed ourselves full of fresh seafood. A trip well spent.

I Was Here

I hope that London doesn’t turn me into one of those annoying London writers who only writes about London. I’m going to try to write more often now that my MA is well and truly finished. Unceremoniously submitted, after much hand-wringing over supposed self-plagiarism. It turned out that Turnitin believed my bibliography was copied from…

My London: 1

I’m supposed to be writing my MA dissertation, but I can’t. I’m wondering what the hell happened to my WordPress interface… A bit of fanangling and it’s better. But still eh. I’ve not been writing much since I moved to London. I feel in many ways as if I’ve lost the spark to do so,…

The Octopus’ Garden: Update!

The garden is producing! Some things are better than others, and recently I had an epic battle with some black aphids. Recipe for easy fridge kimchi salsa coming soon!