The Knock

‘Knock, knock! Secret police!’ The stupid joke since we moved to the People’s Republic. Now all too true, somehow. It’s a Monday in late July. I am alone on an evening off. BANG BANG BANG *indistinguishable yelling in Chinese* I’m sorry, whoever you are. I have been singing ‘Dust in the Wind’ a couple of times tonight….

Beet Kvass: DIY Fermenting and Colorado Craft Beer

It’s best if you listen to this song while reading this post. I am recently obsessed.  Beet kvass is an ancient, and healthy recipe. It’s lacto-fermented beetroot, drank traditionally in Eastern Europe as a cure-all. Scientific research suggests that the lactobacilli that turn yoghurt, lambic, and sauerkraut tangy are superbly healthy for us (yes, that…

North Norfolkian Getaway

I’ll write more about it soon, but here are a few moments from a short bit of travel we did this weekend. We stayed in a brilliant cottage by the sea without electricity and stuffed ourselves full of fresh seafood. A trip well spent.