Birthday Outfit

I got a box full of goodness from the US for my birthday this week. It had some great things in there, especially since I’ve been feeling like I just wear the same shitty tank tops over and over and over again (and said shitty tank tops have almost all been sweat through by Shanghai’s…

Pitaya Fashion

Oops, just realised that my only dressy shirt looks just like a fruit.

Damn It, I Can’t Find Any Clothes

Last year a bit before this time, I wrote about how Spring 2013 appeared to be the moment fashion lost its damn mind. I used to spend a lot of time writing about style and consignment, about recycling and reworking my clothes, about transitioning my style as my body changed throughout the last two years….

Spitalfields, Necklaces, Materialism, and Makeup

I don’t go shopping these days. With my master’s course and trying to keep up with the big city, it’s just too much to ask for time to spend looking at clothes and jewellery for myself. Not to mention the money scarcity almost all those in graduate school deal with. Thanks, I’d rather buy food an dust wear my…

New Style, New Layers

I’m still doing the Thirty Pretty Projects from Already Pretty, and here’s my latest new look! Excuse the terrible selfie.