Shots Around Shanghai: The GREY DAYS

In all honesty, Shanghai has more gray days than London.

In London, the weather cycles through apace, bright sunshine followed by clouds that move so fast you feel dizzy. Followed by rainbows and hoarfrost and the thick, nearly-animated fog that hangs over Hackney Marshes at 4 in the morning.

In Shanghai, the gray clouds sit on your head and stay there all day. Summer. Fall. Winter. Spring. It’s just cold enough to need a jacket today, but the gray pervades EVERYTHING.

Here are some photographs of the gray gray gray gray gray gray gray gray gray.

Shots Around Shanghai: Catch Up

Spring has sprung, although the weather remains somewhat crappy and gray out. Today was one of those days when you could wear a coat, but maybe didn’t need one? But you’d have been a little cold if you didn’t bother.

Winter seems to be almost six months long in Shanghai. Summer just as long. A land of extremes, with a few weeks that seem like Spring and Autumn wedged in.

It has been a long time since I posted some Shots Around Shanghai. This is almost entirely due to me being a fairly boring person and not going to anywhere new! Some of these photos go back a long way, until almost Chinese New Year in February. Time to catch up.

Shots Around Shanghai: End of January (Freezing my Arse off!)

No need for a display at an ‘Art Mall’ thinger like the K11 tower. Shanghai is plenty surreal on its very own. Sometimes feels genuinely like it’s I Am Legend, and all other humans are dead.

Shots Around Shanghai: My Commute

Those of you who are aspiring English teachers, be warned. Shanghai is SO COLD in the winter. It’s brutal.

Beautiful in the sunshine, though. Coldest day in 30+ years, right here.

Shots Around Shanghai: The Ninth

Busy week!