The Westman Islands Part One: For when the big Iceland isn’t small enough

We were lucky enough to get to spend time on the tiny Westman Islands about a week ago. It is a truly gorgeous place, even if it has the windiest point in Europe on the south side of the main island. We rented bikes that turned out to be very difficult to ride (flat tires and no charge make it hard to use an e-bike) and we got to take a rolling ferry from the ‘main land.’

I almost instantly wanted to move there.

More soon! It’s very busy around here with the scout jamboree!

Teaser: Five Days in the WestFjords

Just about as wild as Iceland gets, and according to one local person, “Like travelling in Iceland in the old days.” The Westfjords are some of the least-travelled parts of Iceland, excluding the interior.

We took more than 500 pictures combined, so it will take some time to sort out a narrative and put them all up. Our bandwidth could handle it tonight, but I drove more than 25 hours this week and I’m too tired.

I made teasers on (my favourite photo-editor at the moment). Coleen, Russ, and the Westfjord beauty itself. Stay tuned for the Midnight Sun, a dip in the Greenland Sea, puffins in two forms, hot pools, several hundred waterfalls, and mind-blowing expanses of space.

coleen collage

Russell was so inspired by the landscape that he ACTUALLY TOOK PHOTOS! This is a rare occasion, indeed.


But the landscapes of the Westfjords themselves are extremely impressive. Mind you, the following is only partial coverage of the natural awe-inspiring areas that we were able to see.


The best part is that we travel together!


Here’s our route. Stay tuned over the next few days while I rest up and make proper tribute to our trip.

Here’s our route (nearly 1300km Round Trip):

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 9.55.33 PM

For your entertainment, here we are dipping into the Greenland Sea at the Rauðisandur Red Sand Beach.