How to Quit Your Job and Move Abroad

I haven’t lived full-time in the USA since 2009. Each new adventure seems to be longer, and to pull me further away from staying permanently in the States. I now have a binational marriage, and moving abroad will always be a part of my life. It’s been readily apparent recently that this lifestyle is unconventional….

Women Must Travel Alone

I am a female traveler. This is a key distinction and it isn’t. Sometimes it feels as though my femininity is a raging purple elephant in the room, like the other night in the Gok when a budding ajoessi spoke entirely to my boyfriend about me, in front of me. Oh, very pretty. Oh, when…

42 Kilometers

This (not at all a racebike) bike and I went 42 km together yesterday, all the way around the Annecy’s lake. Basically, I rode the equivalent of from my parents’ house in Louisville, CO to Downtown Denver. Surprisingly, I’m really not sore today. Something in the water or Nutella must prevent lactic acid build up.

Found That Old Nightmare Fuel

The effigies of two saints at the Basilica of the Visitation in Annecy scared me as a nine-year-old, and they scare me as a newly-minted twenty-four-year-old. Why, Catholics? Why?

On The Nature of Daylight, When a Frenchie Ruins Your Moment

(On the nature of daylight–Max Richter) All day, I’ve been in a fog brought on by the expansive dreams of last night. Lucid repetition, long and vibrant, they were caught up in the turning of my covers and tangled in my twisted sheets. Breathless dreaming, really. Colors. Stories. Emotions. Violence. Shining stars. Mountains, broken down…