Shots Around Hanoi: Fifth (Tet Special)

We’re in Colorado for actual Tet, but there were plenty of festive things to see out in the flower fields near Tay Ho last weekend. I finally got around to editing the photos, so here you are!



All of those are my favourites, so that you can see them in more detail. The flowers are mostly peach blossoms, which bloom this time of year. People in Hanoi buy branches or whole trees with the blossoms to put in their houses. They hang ornaments on them just like a Christmas tree. I had no idea that was a thing until this month. It’s a great festival out there in the fields, and the farmers who live in the shacks on the land get a big bonus in income just before the Lunar New Year.

I also tried out a little Lightroom black and white on these ones.


Happy Tet, Everyone!

Shots Around Hanoi: Three

Like I said in the transition between 2015 and 2016 in Shanghai, the past is now another country. And 2017 is in that past.

….I was more eloquent in the past.

Hanoi continues to offer great things to photograph. I continue to be SHIT at street photography, which makes it difficult in a metropolis such as this. I continue to sacrifice my last two remaining brain cells on the pyre of SERIOUSLY-COULD-YOU-JUST-FUCKING-SPELL-CAT-PLEASE in class daily, draining me of life-essence and leaving me unable to be creative much of the time.


I started making a shawl.¬† It’s kinda chilly now. 12C, the standard summer temperature in Iceland last summer.

Here are the shots.

FYI, I did go stand on a live railroad track on Sunday afternoon. As you can see from the photos, that’s what all serious photographers in Hanoi (apparently) do. It must not be but so dangerous. I mean, the bridge is only 120 years old!

DIY Day – In Progress

I’m making a big wall macrame project for our apartment in Korea. It was inspired by some of the things I’ve seen on Pinterest like this one below from GypsyAndLily, and I want to make something like these too!



Mine is taking ages to make, but it is kind of relaxing anyway. I’ll post a picture of it when finished, along with how I’m packing it to make it to Korea.

I’m also going to be teaching my mom and my brother’s mother-in-law how to make the granny square shawl I made in Iceland. It’s crochet and I got the pattern from It looks awesome and was really easy.


Of course, I have to have a helper cat. She’s being really really good so far and not attacking the yarn.


Shots Around Shanghai: End of January (Freezing my Arse off!)

No need for a display at an ‘Art Mall’ thinger like the K11 tower. Shanghai is plenty surreal on its very own. Sometimes feels genuinely like it’s I Am Legend, and all other humans are dead.

Power Station O Fart

It’s not actually called that, but the lack of spaces in the title of the museum on the Huangpu makes it seem as if it might be. The Shanghai Power Station of Art is a strange place. We arrived in the late afternoon on a chilly November day, and after refusing to leave my bag in a locker we wandered the place and looked at…some art? I suppose?

Here’s a weird gallery of weirdness.

It is a strange place. Easily the best part of the experience was the rooftop.

Overall, would maybe recommend. It’s a little bit weird and totally desolate out there, but maybe that’s the point. There was also some great moral mural artwork on the way back to the subway station.

Eeeheheheheheheee boobies

Eeeheheheheheheee boobies