China Survey: Results

Thank you very much to everyone who responded to the survey I put up about China in 2016. It was very interesting to see how people said they view China. The biggest takeaways: The majority of respondents have never set foot in China. More respondents have a negative view of China than a positive one….

Travel Talk

Here’s the talk I did at a local high school (my old school!) today. It’s meant to be encouraging to young people looking to get into this nomadic travel lifestyle. It went over quite well! If anyone, high schooler or no, has questions for me about travel and this life I’ve chosen, contact me directly…

Mt. Hua (Huashan): One of the Best Days in China

I’ve been off grid in terms of ability to upload photos lately, because our contracts in Shanghai ended and we had two weeks to travel in China. After 36 hours of travel beginning at 7AM on Hainan and : five airports a four-hour delay in Sanya three planes four taxis several buses some the worst…

Beer in Situ: Song Tasting Room

The Pertinents Song Tasting Room 259 Jiashan Road (near Jongjia Rd), in the alleyway under the Jiashan Market arch Founded in 2016 Review  Tiny but great! It was like a dream. The music was essentially my playlist for the last seven years, and making me feel like maybe there was an interesting Universe moment. The place…

A Day Out In Shanghai

We headed out to the alleyways of Tianzifan (Dapuqiao Station, Line 9, Exit 1). It was a historic day, when computers beat humans thoroughly at Go and we watched it live in China. From a Belgian beer bar. After having eaten Thai food.  Then we went for a glass of Chilean wine in our neighbourhood….