A Spring From the Winter that never Came

British Daffodils

British Daffodils

I know that it’s nearly been a year since I first set foot in England, because the daffodils are here again. Last year they were late because the winter had been so cold and harsh. This year they are early, because winter simply never arrived. One year ago next month, I set foot in England for the first time (the time before flying through Heathrow before doesn’t count). In one week, it will have been six months since I moved here. These daffodils will be fully open by then.

They'll open soon.

They’ll open soon.

Spring is practically here!

EDIT: And here they are!!!

High Summer

Remember that single brave blossom, announcing the arrival of Spring? This is what the same garden looks like in high summer. 

Summer is here, and today was an absolutely blazingly beautiful summer day. The park in Ansan was glorious, and I couldn’t have imagined better company. Sometimes it’s important to remember that a beautiful day can also be a lazy and relaxing one. Even here in the Land of the Morning (and Evening and Afternoon and Daybreak) Rush.