2016: May All Years Be This Good

It’s been a long and crazy year. Let’s start with some basic statistics. Countries lived in: China, USA, Iceland, and Korea Jobs Held: Senior Teacher, full-time volunteer on a Scout Camp, cleaning lady, Teacher Toilets Scrubbed: More than 300 (conservative estimate) Pairs of Shoes Worn Through by Work/Walking: At least four (RIP leathers with the…

Beer In Situ: Beer Lady Shanghai

It was in the last ten days of our area in Shanghai that we discovered this place, and it was well worth it. If we had found it sooner, we might not have been able to save as much money, since we’d have spent it all on wonderful beers from around the world. I was…


**Oooooops this was meant to be a post about 2015 for New Year’s and it just didn’t happen. Here it is, six months tardy. Better late than never?*** I broke my tailbone on University Hill in Boulder, Colorado in January. I got shingles. Permanent scar like a dent on my forehead. I went to Iceland…

Travel, in conversation

“It’s like you keep putting your head in the Lion’s mouth.” He just means that it’s hard every time, and we keep choosing it anyway. “Well, how do you expect me to become a Lion Tamer?”  

China Survey: Results

Thank you very much to everyone who responded to the survey I put up about China in 2016. It was very interesting to see how people said they view China. The biggest takeaways: The majority of respondents have never set foot in China. More respondents have a negative view of China than a positive one….