Shots Around Shanghai: The Seventh

This is a part of a regular series, updated every Monday or thereabouts from soggy Shanghai! See more photos from previous posts here.

Winter Solstice – Ready!

We’re not a religious household, but I like ritual for the psychological comforts. Every solstice, summer or winter, we try to have some mead and do silly things like dance naked in our backyard around a makeshift firepit. Yes, that really happened on Summer Solstice 2014. This year, we’re going for our Christmas meal in…

Christmas Time

A few decorations from our abode. Today marks three years that my husband and I have been cohabiting. Best decision ever! Our apartment is freezing. I’m currently in two sweaters, a baselayer I bought for winter in Iceland, and a scarf. In my living room. It’s like a refrigerator in here. Seasons’s Greetings!