China Survey: Results

Thank you very much to everyone who responded to the survey I put up about China in 2016. It was very interesting to see how people said they view China. The biggest takeaways: The majority of respondents have never set foot in China. More respondents have a negative view of China than a positive one….

Late Winter Outfit

This week it’s Chinese New Year, which is like Christmas and Thanksgiving rolled into one. We’ve been enjoying warm weather for a couple days, but early in the week it was freezing cold (as is usual in Shanghai’s winter). It’s hard to be fashionable when you are cold all the time, but I’m managing. It…

The Key to Longterm Living Abroad

You have to able to balance remembering where you came from and forgetting enough to get by in your new surroundings. In the case of people who move to another country permanently, this can even apply to generations who come later. Remember enough, forget enough.

Zhujiajiao: A Day Trip Out of Shanghai

We rode a bus out of the heart of Shanghai and into the countryside, over loads of small canals. The bus was just like a normal city bus, but barreling down the highway. The town itself was lovely. It’s a little down-and-dirty in the pits of the touristy shops on tiny lanes, so small that…

Great Article: Let’s Talk About Millennial Poverty

I’m not in as dire straits as some, including the author of this excellent article. It bears mentioning that I’m not immune to the phenomena she describes, though. Yesterday I had a long discussion about graduate school and teaching with a coworker, who is leaving this week. We talked about her belief, as mine once…