Crochet for Zen

It really helps me to relax. This pattern is called the Virus and it has many expanding circles. You can find it to crochet for yourself here. I found it a little difficult at first, but now it’s muscle-memory and easy. I find that the counting and repetitive motions really calm the nerves. It would…

Winding Yarn On a ‘Snow Day’

It’s apparently too cold for small children to go to school here in Hanoi. So I’m doing indoor projects. This includes winding yarn for a virus blanket I’m making. It’s great! I find working with fibres so relaxing and calming.

Beginning of the Season – DIY Paper Projects

Hello, out there! I’m working on being more connected to this blog again, and have several posts in the works. But today I was off work sick (again, due to the stomach issues that come with living in Vietnam). I used the time to make some paper DIY projects and get into the holiday season….

Goodbye, Fair Palate! Two Complex Braided Hairstyles, too

I’ve been wading in the thick of teaching far too many hours lately, and haven’t had the time to wear much makeup or do my hair nicely. I recently put on my old Stila eyeshadow, hoping for some old spark. I loved this thing.  It had been colonised by mould in the humidity of our…

Things I’ve Learned From Living in 200 Square Feet (So Far…)

I wish I had some amazing, chic Tiny House photos to share with you. I started dreaming of tiny living about three years ago, when I was moving to London in the Fall of 2013. With the property prices in the state of my birth rising and rising and rising like some over-leavened cake, it was…