A Weekend Away

Suzhou was lovely. So picturesque and somehow felt Old China to me. Walking along the streets wasn’t exactly quiet, though….

A Garden Visitor

This kitty lives in our neighbourhood. He wanted to drink the stagnant water that’s been accumulated over a year, with god knows what in it. I couldn’t let that happen, even though he’d probably have been fine. I put out a bowl of fresh water for him, and he meowed at me thinking I had…

Octopus’ Garden: The Last Harvest

Autumn is here, and just as our plants were starting to produce it’s time of them to go. We plucked all the green tomatoes before they freeze and go bad, and the plants are turning yellow and brown. The zucchini long since stopped producing, even though the bees were not numerous enough to fertilise them…

The Octopus’ Garden: Update!

The garden is producing! Some things are better than others, and recently I had an epic battle with some black aphids. Recipe for easy fridge kimchi salsa coming soon!

The Octopus’ Garden Has Grown!

  I began planting seeds in March, when the weather finally pulled out of the balmy winter London experienced. In April, we planted in earnest in our little container garden which we christened The Octopus’ Garden. The progress is incredible! My goals in life grow simpler and simpler as I grow older. I used to…