I’ve started to infused my own spirits at home, and made bitters from Chinese tea. If you’re interested in homemade bar ingredients, leave a comment! I’ll do a post on them!

DIY: Wedding Veil

Wedding veils are a special piece of clothing. Patriarchal connotations aside, it is one of the things that marked me as a bride in my mind when I got married. I love the pictures of me putting it on before the ceremony. Veils are horrifically overpriced. The ones I was offered while trying on my…

Garden Progress!

The Octopus’ Garden is making progress, in the tenuous English spring. Today we went to get more supplies and new pots for some of our charges, since the zucchini are growing well and needed more space. Our onions have also come up, and the garlic is growing intensely. My favourite find today are the Dreadnought…

A Productive Lazy Sunday

I’ve been training a bit in my spare time to make jewellery. In my beginner’s silversmithing course, I’ve made two rings, a keychain, and a pair of earrings. I’m on my way to becoming a maker, as long as I get some more tools. My jewellery-making began with beading, and I’m still the most comfortable…

International Blanket: Progress Report

Halfway finished. Only 30 more squares to go until it’s time to join them! This is my international blanket, which I began in South Korea in January 2012 and have carried with me around the world. Wish me luck!