Beginning of the Season – DIY Paper Projects

Hello, out there! I’m working on being more connected to this blog again, and have several posts in the works. But today I was off work sick (again, due to the stomach issues that come with living in Vietnam). I used the time to make some paper DIY projects and get into the holiday season….

Tiny-Ass Kitchen

You may have heard of Tiny Ass Apartment, a blog about living in small spaces. I do love her tips and I use them all the time. The Washi Tape thing will be added to my own place tonight. But I’m here to show you just how tiny my apartment in Korea actually is. Boom!…

Colorado Send Off

Pork green chilli is something I remember the people who’ve been in Louisville, Colorado for generations making as a tribute to old times. Here at DIA they serve this fiery SOB, with a Colorado Native Amber lager to wash it down. Onward to Iceland now!

The Fastest Way to Renew or Obtain Your Passport

In the US, more people than ever have a passport. I recently did a survey that surprised me. 84% of respondents said that they hold a valid passport. A strikingly high number said that they planned on immigrating to a new country. What? Maybe I phrased that last question wrong, since in my experiences nowhere…