2017: Without Comment

Presented without comment: My favourite photographs from 2017. I’m working on a post about the year, but this is a good start. 2017 was packed with great stuff, and had opportunities for some of the best photographs I’ve ever taken. I’m ready to explore some more in 2018. For reference: January-April 12 = Busan and…

Coffee Taste Test – Four Preparations

I am not a coffee afficionada, because my brain only has so much space (and it’s been taken up with beer knowledge). I do love coffee, though. I like it when travelling, and have found ways to make it differ greatly on this little blue planet. In Italy, the moka and the cafeterria reign supreme….

Beer in Situ: Seoul Double Feature

We spent a night in Seoul on our way out of town, and of course stopped by a couple craft beer places. We stayed in Insadong, which is a beautiful artsy neighbourhood that feels like Old Seoul. I even got to play around in a hanbok for the afternoon! It’s a wonderful part of town….


“Can I tell you something?” I’m outside one of my toughest classes, having just been told that the kids inside are crying due to being (justly) scolded. “I’m so proud that you did your speech this morning. Remember how when I got here, you couldn’t read very much at all?” This is a student from…

2016: May All Years Be This Good

It’s been a long and crazy year. Let’s start with some basic statistics. Countries lived in: China, USA, Iceland, and Korea Jobs Held: Senior Teacher, full-time volunteer on a Scout Camp, cleaning lady, Teacher Toilets Scrubbed: More than 300 (conservative estimate) Pairs of Shoes Worn Through by Work/Walking: At least four (RIP leathers with the…