Hanoi On a Clear Day

It was a great day to wander into places we’ve never been! We had a three-course meal for lunch (23USD total), then went to a fancy cafe on the lake, and finally went to a very fancy bar for happy hour! What a great day.

Beginning of the Season – DIY Paper Projects

Hello, out there! I’m working on being more connected to this blog again, and have several posts in the works. But today I was off work sick (again, due to the stomach issues that come with living in Vietnam). I used the time to make some paper DIY projects and get into the holiday season….

Things I’ve Learned From Living in 200 Square Feet (So Far…)

I wish I had some amazing, chic Tiny House photos to share with you. I started dreaming of tiny living about three years ago, when I was moving to London in the Fall of 2013. With the property prices in the stateĀ of my birth rising and rising and rising like some over-leavened cake, it was…

Mythbusters: Moving to Shanghai Edition

One of my favourite shows of all time, Mythbusters, will end after this season. In tribute, I would like to bust some common myths spouted on the Interwebs and elsewhere about life in Shanghai. I moved here six months ago and have the documentary evidence of experience to evaluate these myths. Probably no explosions in…

The Key to Longterm Living Abroad

You have to able to balance remembering where you came from and forgetting enough to get by in your new surroundings. In the case of people who move to another country permanently, this can even apply to generations who come later. Remember enough, forget enough.