Brexit: Into the Fog

Disclaimer: I am not a UK citizen, did not have a vote in the EU Referendum, and am not white British by ethnicity. I currently live in Iceland, but as I am married to an Englishman and consider London one of my many homes around the world, the UK is a big part of my life….

The Wintry Bund

The Bund here in Shanghai did its best London impression the other day. I feel the need often in this wandering life to coin a word that means ‘anachromism, but in space rather than time.’ It’s the feeling that one gets when your new travels remind you forcefully of the previous ones. It’s Peruvian panpipes…

My Last Two Jobs

If you aren’t careful as either a bartender or a teacher, someone might puke on the floor at the end of the night.

Short Survey Results: Passports, Travel, and Immigration

It’s always interesting to me to talk about travel. As someone who makes travelling a lifestyle, I find it fascinating to hear the opinions of others on the subject and the impressions that they gather on the road. Sometimes the conversations go better, sometimes worse. The other day I had someone bring up the supposed…

Escaping London

We dragged our bags through the narrow turnstiles and onto the platform at Dagenham Heathway station, a full five minutes later than I had scheduled. The first of three long journeys for 21 January, 2015 loomed ahead of us. Get to Heathrow. On the Tube. In rush hour. The past week had kept us so…