Beach Yesterday, Mountains today

We took our first trip to Haeundae Beach yesterday, one of the most famous in Korea. It was a great beach! We’ll go swimming in a couple weeks after I heal up fully from a minor medical procedure, and definitely go back for more craft beer and seafood. Today, we took the cablecar up a…

Little Things

When moving to a new country, I always bring little things to help my new space feel like home. We’re lucky that this time we moved to Korea in the Autumn. It’s the best time of the year in this country (in all countries?). When I moved here in 2012, it was much harder to…

Travel, in conversation

“It’s like you keep putting your head in the Lion’s mouth.” He just means that it’s hard every time, and we keep choosing it anyway. “Well, how do you expect me to become a Lion Tamer?”  

Colorado Send Off

Pork green chilli is something I remember the people who’ve been in Louisville, Colorado for generations making as a tribute to old times. Here at DIA they serve this fiery SOB, with a Colorado Native Amber lager to wash it down. Onward to Iceland now!