Sunrise Is Eldorado

Got up at 5 and climbed a fence to get these images. I’m happier getting up early every day as I age!


Thankfully sunrise is at 6:42AM at the moment, so I can practically sleep in. When we did a similar early shoot in Austria about a month ago, we had to get up at 4AM. Can’t wait until the foliage changes a little bit more so I can go back!

Life Near the Rax is pretty great

We’re doing Workaway in the Austrian Alps at the moment, and the place that we’re staying is really great. I’ll post some photos that I’ve taken in addition to these, but I wanted to post the ones from our amazing Dolomites self tour as well.

I’ve been really lazy about Lightroom in the meantime, so here are a couple of the shots from a (very) long day of sunrise, sunset, and astro photography. All of these images as panoramas, shot with my tripod and stitched together to make the final image.


And here are the promised shots of our current life here in the Raxalpes.

If anyone is interested, I’d love to write about Workaway and how it works as a travel amplifier.