Hanoi On a Clear Day

It was a great day to wander into places we’ve never been! We had a three-course meal for lunch (23USD total), then went to a fancy cafe on the lake, and finally went to a very fancy bar for happy hour! What a great day.

Shots Around Hanoi: First Steps

Those who’ve followed this blog a long time may remember the Shots Around Shanghai series I did while we lived in the Chinese megacity from 2015-2016. I am starting a new version here in Hanoi, especially since my camera is now fixed! In November we still had days up to 32C, and the weather was…

Minhang! Minhang! Minhang!

Our adopted borough of Shanghai is the best. Screw all the rest! We spent a great day in the Springtime sun at Jinjiang Action Park. We can see the Ferris Wheel from our balcony, and it was high time to go on it ourselves. Actually kind of terrifying, but a beautiful view on this clearest…

Shots Around Shanghai: My Commute

Those of you who are aspiring English teachers, be warned. Shanghai is SO COLD in the winter. It’s brutal. Beautiful in the sunshine, though. Coldest day in 30+ years, right here.