Ten Things You Don’t Know About Immigration

Hey readers, this article got picked up by Economy, a website devoted to demystifying economics and making it personal. Check out the version that got published here.  Being married doesn’t always help you to live in the same country I’m from the States. My husband is English. This is a problem, in spite of the…

New Weekly Post: Top Trumps

Donald J. Trump is the president-elect of the United States. I am in deep mourning about this, like many. My small-scale resistance starting this week: a list of the bullshit he has wrought upon us all this week,  accompanied by the video of me burning him in effigy on 5 November. Week of 4 December…

Three Days to Go…A 101 Year Old Throwback

It was the 5th of November yesterday, and we had a little fun with the tradition of burning the Guy on Gwangalli Beach in Busan. Not exactly the same Guy as the unfortunate gunpowder scapegoat from 400 years ago. More a 2016 version.

Blowing Your Mind with the Political Compass

I first took this quiz, written in fairly shitty HTML that is nostalgic for all those in my generation, in maybe 2004. It was around the time that I first began watching the Daily Show. I was a leftie then, even at age 16. This was around the time I regularly wrote to my senators about…

Brexit: Into the Fog

Disclaimer: I am not a UK citizen, did not have a vote in the EU Referendum, and am not white British by ethnicity. I currently live in Iceland, but as I am married to an Englishman and consider London one of my many homes around the world, the UK is a big part of my life….