Shots Around Shanghai: My Commute

Those of you who are aspiring English teachers, be warned. Shanghai is SO COLD in the winter. It’s brutal.

Beautiful in the sunshine, though. Coldest day in 30+ years, right here.

A Garden Visitor

This kitty lives in our neighbourhood. He wanted to drink the stagnant water that’s been accumulated over a year, with god knows what in it. I couldn’t let that happen, even though he’d probably have been fine.

Neighbourhood kitty

Neighbourhood kitty

I put out a bowl of fresh water for him, and he meowed at me thinking I had food. In fact, there is no meat in the whole house at the moment. Water will just have to do!

I Never Wear Shoes Inside in Korea. Why, You Ask?

Yep. That's definitely what you think it is.

Yep. That’s definitely what you think it is.

No, it’s not an act of cultural respect. No, I’ve not gone native. This country is literally covered in puke, from sidewalk to…bus…window. That’s puke. On the window. Running down to the floor. Somehow, someone’s puked on the window. I may never wear shoes inside again.