Beginning of the Season – DIY Paper Projects

Hello, out there! I’m working on being more connected to this blog again, and have several posts in the works. But today I was off work sick (again, due to the stomach issues that come with living in Vietnam). I used the time to make some paper DIY projects and get into the holiday season….

My Favorite Waste of Time

I’m finding that the One Change Challenge is really easy for me so far. I may eat my words in a couple of weeks, once I’m living in France with a new homestay and wandering Europe again…and consignment stores have become scarce. So I went and found a couple of new things at Found Underground,…

Trident Haul Fall 2011

All of these books for less than $30. I think my fairy book mother works at the Trident in Boulder, because he pulled out a whole box of books en fran├žais pour moi aujourd’hui. I have so much Milan Kundera to catch up on. And the best part? They’re all recycled.