Second Jewellery Course: The Results!

I completed my second course in silversmithing and jewellery in London, through the fantastic courses at Vannetta Seecharran’s School of Jewellery Design. The first course was a great introduction, laying the foundation for tougher projects. This one was a master course in stone setting over five weeks. I learned how to make a bezel and how to make a tube setting. The first bezel took me nearly three weeks, but the second took me only two and a half hours last night.

The tube setting was my favourite. Despite the fact it is a bit fiddly, it was far easier for me to grasp than the bezel at first. I finally got over my nerves with regard to the mechanised polisher, too…giving the two other rings a professional shine.

I hope to take more classes and use the beautiful new studio space.

Look at that bezel. So much work!

Look at that bezel. So much work!

This little mofo took me three weeks to set in my silversmithing course! It’s pretty now, but not without its imperfections. This is what I love about making jewellery with my own hands; I have a whole new appreciation of how much work goes into the pieces I wear. Even more reason to buy them ethically whenever possible.

Next one will be easier.